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Fact Check – Dangote is not running Covid-19 Giveaway

A facebook post has been recently seen going viral by our fact checking team about Africa's Richest Man, Dangote distributing money, food and other incentives.

On Oct 26 at 9:42, a post was shared on Facebook through a page called Dangote Foundation. The page belonging to a parody user had claimed giving out money, food, house, car, scholarship, etc despite Dangote is not running Covid-19 giveaway

Dangote is not running Covid-19 Giveaway

The page had incited people to send a private message signifying which of the incentive they want, it said;

“MY NAME ALIKO DANGOTE  DUE TO THIS SUDDEN OUTBREAK OF YOUTHS THAT HAVE LOST THIER LOVE ONCES I WANT TO HELP THE FIRST 10,000 people to tell me one thing you need from me and I vow to do it for you I promise I will do it;

  1. MONEY – 100,000
  2. FOOD
  3. HOUSE
  4. CAR

send me a message via send message button below, anything you choose is yours!

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Start now!

Am waiting!”

Dangote Scam

The post has been shared more than 14,000 times as of Dec 7 2020 with over 1,200 comments. This post is misleading as it does not have anything to deal with the subject or his foundation.

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