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Fact Check – Buhari Is Not Dead

Rumours circulating about the death of the president of the federal republic, Muhammad Buhari is false

A claim circulating on Facebook the president of the federal republic of Nigeria Muhamadu Buhari is dead and secretly buried is false. The post was shared more than 2800 times by a user on Facebook.

Buhari is not dead

The claim was published due to the indecisiveness and lackadaisical attitude of the president in attending to sensitive matters regarding Nigerians. The majority believed the current president was not the Buhari they voted into power, some claimed it was his immediate brother who took over from him because they looked identical.

Buhari is not dead

According to the Validinfo Fact Check, the image you see above has been doctored and does not represent President Muhamadu Buhari. A reversed image search was conducted and we discovered that the person in the image was an American Walter Williams who made headlines in 2014 when he was found alive inside a body bag after having been pronounced dead.

Images of Walter Williams at close range
Walter Williams at close range

Here is a clearer image of the above claim with core areas spotted;

Images of Walter Williams
Walter Williams

The other two images were culled from the funeral of Abubakar Audu, former governor of Kogi state in central Nigeria in 2015.

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These images were gotten from Naij.com now Legit.ng.

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